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Top Event Rentals in Arizona: BOUNCE then SLIDE

Top Event Rentals in Arizona: BOUNCE then SLIDE

In the summer of 2008 a young entrepreneur by the name of JOHN HOVDEN of Phoenix (ARIZONA) in response to his children’s love of theme parks and especially their enjoyment of bouncy castles and slides decided to buy a inflatable moonwalk with slide know as a combo unit. He installed it in his backyard much to the delight of his children and their friends. This act quickly made his backyard the center of attention and gathering place for the children of the neighborhood. The excitement and entertainment at the Hovden residence soon caught the attention of parents in the neighborhood who began to enquire and offer to rent from John the bouncy castle also known as a moonwalk for birthday parties and other family events. BOUNCE THEN SLIDE was born.
It quickly became a successful family operated business. The name BOUNCE THEN SLIDE by 2010 became a reputable and recognized provider of party and entertainment products. BOUNCE THEN SLIDE became a thriving, recognizable name in the city of Phoenix and surrounding cities for providing safe, affordable inflatables and slides for small, medium and large-scale events and a couple years later a sister company BOUNCE HOUSE RENTALS AZ was created to further serve the needs of an ever-increasing clientele.

BOUNCE THEN SLIDE & BOUNCE HOUSE RENTALS AZ are committed to excellent customer service with JOHN HOVDEN and his associates providing professional consultations that are considered to be best practice in the inflatable entertainment industry. BOUNCE THEN SLIDE  (water slide rentals az) and BOUNCE HOUSE RENTALS AZ provide clients with new, tested safe, clean, sanitized equipment and products. Clients enjoy a wide range of rentals from BOUNCE THEN SLIDE & Water Slide Rentals Phoenix as they cater for events such as family reunions, church and community fund raising activities, Weddings, large corporate events, Professional sports team events, picnics, anniversaries, birthday parties and graduations to name a few. There is a wide range of equipment to choose from which includes toddler appropriate bouncy castles, slides and games. John wanted to have the best bounce house rentals phoenix company in the State. He offered his clients a variety of inflatables from bounce house rentals to water slides and everything between including, dunk tank, obstacle course AZ, Brinca Brinca, tent, slip n slide, rock wall, mechanical bull, 40 ft water slides for adults, game truck, dance floor, foam machine, white bounce house, wedding, portable restroom, porta potty, toddler inflatables, table and chair rentals n more.

JOHN HOVDEN who is very much like JOHN SCURLAND (who created the first inflatables for entertainment use in the USA), pays much attention to the needs of his clients providing them with an excellent professional service . All associates and employees of Bounce Then Slide and Bounce House Rentals AZ operate and execute the best practices within the inflatables industry. Bounce Then Slide and Bounce House Rentals AZ will provide clients with advice on age-appropriate products and equipment but will tailor your payments to suit your budget with a few payment options available and with no hidden costs or fees.

Visit their website or call 602-774-4226 for a free consultations and site visit.

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